Monday, October 18, 2010

You know you're from NYC if...

1. You say "Yous" as in "the two of yous"
2. J-walk like it's your job
3. Men: Talk to girls and convince them they need to be with you "Ay shorty..."
4. When responding to a question someone asks, say "yea yea yea"
5. Ride the subway while cutting your nails, drinking a cup of coffee and listening to your ipod on full blast
6. Ask for a pie or a slice, not a pizza...and it's plain, not cheese
7. You either love or hate the Yankees, there is no in between
8. You know what Alphabet City is...and you avoid Avenue D at night alone
9. Stoop sitting is looked at as a great option to a bench
10. You've never been to the Statue of Liberty

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