Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top Ten on Hiking John Muir Woods

The other day me and two of my best friends hiked in John Muir Woods, which is in Marin County. After a hell raising adventure finding parking, we traipsed up a 3 mile loop (half uphill). We saw a huge deer and lots and lots of redwoods. It was gorgeous and different from my everyday bay area hanging out. I definitely recommend it if you've never been, or if you'll be in the San Francisco area.

1. Feel one with nature
2. See animals close-up that you've only seen on animal planet
3. Get exercise while having the prettiest views
4. Feel a thousand miles away from city life
5. Nicely placed benches just when you're ready for a break
6. Feeling like an ant among natures greatest giants
7. Instant stress reliever
8. Easy to difficult hiking trails
9. Picture friendly
10. Ample bathrooms

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