Monday, June 21, 2010

10 Fun Tidbits About St. Marks Place

St. Marks Place is a crazy, fun-filled street in Manhattans lower East Village area. It runs from Third Avenue to Avenue A, with the most condensed area being between Third and Second Ave. It is packed with cheap eats, yummy treats and massive amounts of shopping. It is also the go to spot for finding weird and wacky, off the wall people and things. Read on to find out a few things that make the place tick and tock.

1. Japanese restaurants with a lot of unusual items (sushi lovers head elsewhere)
2. Mamouns!
3. Crazy vendors selling everything...and I mean everything
4.  Tattoo and piercing places galore
5. Yoga for the what you wish, bring your own mat
6. Smoke shops...only selling pretty glass and uhh, mini vases, yea, that's right
7. Wanderlusts
8. Karaoke bars...Sing Sing anyone?
9. Bars and restaurants and a hotel that rents by the hour, oh my!
10. Heaps of trash...not pretty, but part of the streets decor

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