Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Roaming Manhattan

Yesterday I found myself roaming around Manhattan, checking out different freebies, with no specific time frame. I first found myself at the Gagosian Gallery on West 24th, and boy was I in for a surprise when I saw what that gallery had to show. I walked into the very sleek place,  asked the ladies at the reception desk where the free exhibit was, and they pointed me into a room that was covered with photos of, wait for it, nude men. Nude men with, ahem, very nude parts showing. Eyes growing wide with shock, I took a quick polite walk around the room, then abruptly walked out of the gallery, barely throwing a "thank you" over my shoulder as I went out the door. I didn't take any pictures of that experience.
Next, I went to the other Gagosian Gallery on West 21st, for the Monet exhibit. Now this was everything I expected and more. Four huge rooms with brillant works of art from Monets' later collection, mainly water lillies, but some beautiful weeping willow portraits as well.

Afterwards, I headed back to the West Village for some grub. I was looking to hit up this yummy vegan/vege friendly restaurant called Soy Luck Club, but instead found Swich. The menu is pretty strait forward with wholesome and huge salads, sandwiches and snacks. I had The Polo Salad, which came with complimentary lemon mint edamame. So good. Pretty tired at this point, but determined to take in one more freebie, I caught the subway up to Central Park to see the Summer Stage offering for the evening. The concert was a combination of soul, carribean beats and african rhythmic music. The crowd was moving and grooving to the beat, and I got up off my feet and swayed to the sounds myself. A great day full of fun freebies.

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