Thursday, June 17, 2010

Manhattan Has A Google Office?

An old friend stumbled upon my travel blog and noticed that I would be in the city for a bit. Low and behold, said friend works for Google. So, I was invited to the (almost) top secret Google office on Manhattans West Side, and was treated to an oh-so-delicious lunch, like only one of the biggest tech companies in the world could provide (to their employees every day). After I was 'scanned' into their database, my friend met me in the lobby and took me to the eighth floor-where the "good" cafe is located. Elevator doors open and masses of people are running around with trays, grabbing goods from the superbly stocked salad bar, made-to-order hamburger/chicken/vege bar, clam bake, hot foods, soup and finally dessert bar. On top of this, there are drinks aplenty, and baskets of fruit for the taking. Needless to say, I was in perennial food shock, overwhelmed by all the choices that lay at hand, I managed to grab some clam bake items, a plum and a cup of lobster bisque. There were no pictures allowed inside, but I was encouraged to take dessert, which I did of course, and managed to snag a picture before I scoffed it down outside. Such a fun experience and I really would like to thank my friend for having me as his guest.

Afterward, I went directly into Chelsea Market, because what's better than looking at food while full, right? For some reason I've never been and it was too close to pass up. Aroma pleasing smells swirled around me as I passed by bread, chocolate, milkshake, sushi and cupcake shops. After a fun stroll through the artwork adorned, dark, disneyland-esque thruway, I ended up back outside on tenth avenue, eager to head up to Highline Park which I'd heard a lot about.

This architecturally magnificent park is spread above the city on an old subway track, stretching ten blocks. There are gorgeous views of the Hudson River, Empire State Building and surrounding West Village. If you're in that part of the city and have never seen this before, it is definitely worth a look. So many new and interesting things to do in this city, and with a ton open 24/7, I will quest on.

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