Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bienvenidos Miami and the Keys...

My last few pictures of Aruba, top-bottom: the Aruban flag, checkers on the beach, the beach behind my hotel.

I wasn't sad leaving Aruba, because I was boarding a plane to Miami. I mean, who could be sad going form one tropical destination to another?

Got through customs in just under two hours  (yay) and landed in Miami safe and sound. So excited to be in Florida because my sister and my nephew flew in from Atlanta and they are spending the week with us at our time share in Key West. We got to the rental car place at 7:30pm and were on our way. We stopped once for a snack, all of 15 minutes, and we still didn't get to the Keys until 11pm. Oh my god we didn't know the drive was gonna be that long.

WooWee....lots of ocean crossing, little small towns and then finally, Key West at the very end. We did pass through Key Largo, which was pretty cool. This morning I awoke to a crazy windy tropical rainy storm (yay), so no beach today....but we are gonna scope out the town and some places to eat. I'm excited to see what the Keys have to offer, and looking forward to another week in paradise.

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