Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Santa Cruz How I've Missed You

The other day my brother and I headed to Santa Cruz for some skim boarding and sun. I haven't been there for over a year, and have been seriously missing it. We get there and find out skim boards are $50, so we bail on that idea and head strait to the beach. The sun is also a bit lagging, so we eat the food I brought and then decide to see if the water is even remotely enterable. It's just as freezing as Santa Cruz water always is, so we hike up on the rocks to check out tide pools, trying to salvage our "beach day." I find a pretty cool star fish clinging to the side of a tide pool, and end up getting sprayed by the waves crashing on the rocks, as you can see below. My brother and I decide to finish our day by heading to the boardwalk to ride the Big Dipper. We scream like little kids taking our first roller coaster ride ever, (okay, I scream) and as we high five upon our exit from the ride we realize our day was pretty cool after all.

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